1Password – Fantastic Password Management Solution

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Managing login usernames and passwords has become critical over the last five years or so. Password management software has been developed to help create much more secure login credentials without fear of forgetting what those passwords are. There are several password management solutions available. Two fot he most popular options are Last Pass, and 1Password. My choice is 1Password.

1Password, created by company Agile Bits, allows me to create extremely long and secure passwords and store them in a vault that is guarded by just one master password, hence the name, 1Password. The only password I need to remember is the one I created to open my 1Password vault.

1Password also deals with more than just passwords. 1Password also stores credit card information, secure notes, passports, drivers licences, and any other information I wish to keep secure and private.

Here are some of 1Password’s great features:

  • Stores information securely behind one master password
  • Allows generation of complex, long passwords
  • Syncs across all Apple® devices through either iCloud or Dropbox
  • Cross-platform versions for Android® and Microsoft Windows®
  • Passwords can be organised into folders with the Organise tab
  • Allows creation of multiple vaults under one master password
  • Has support for Touch ID® on both Apple iOS® and Apple Macbook Pro® with Touchbar
  • Has an Apple Watch® app
  • Has its own in-app web browser
  • Has a toolbar extension for Apple®’s web browser, Safari®
  • Works very well with Apple®’s accessibility screen reader, Voice Over

Is 1Password perfect? No, there are some issues.

1Password only allows syncing of multiple vaults with Dropbox®. I would like to be able to sync multiple vaults with iCloud® instead. I have also noticed some syncing issues when using 1Password on my iPad®. Some passwords that I thought had been transferred to another vault are still showing on my iPad® in the original vault. Other than that, I can’t think of any other major issues, and I can work around these issues for the time being.

1Password can be purchased through the Mac OS App Store® for $50, or through the iOS App Store® for $15.00. Other platform versions can be bought from 1Password’s website. 1Password also offers several monthly subscription options, including 1Password for families, and 1Password for teens. You can find out more by going to 1Password’s website, which is www.1password.com.

Overall, I think this is an outstanding app. This is probably the first app I would download whenever I get a new iOS® device. I think it is a brilliant password management solution, and I rate 1Password five out of five stars.

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