Amazon’s Audible app – Great for Listening to Audio Books

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One of the greatest conveniences of a mobile device is to be able to listen to audio books. You can do this Apple’s® stock app iBooks, but nothing quite beats Amazon’s Audible app for iOS.

Audible on iOS allows you to listen to any book you have purchased from Amazon’s Audible library. The Audible iOS app is one of those apps which works extremely well with Apple’s® accessibility screen reader, Voice Over.

App Overview

There are five main tabs at the bottom of the screen. They are:

  • Library: Gives you a list view of all your Audible purchases, both downloaded and those still in the cloud
  • Discover: Allows you to discover other titles in Audible’s catalogue and add them to your wish list
  • Player: Plays your selected book in the library, allowing you to skip back and forward both by chapter or within a chapter
  • More: Displays your listening stats for a variety of different time periods
  • More: Includes News and App Settings

How to play your purchases

To play any of your purchases with Voice Over, navigate to that purchase’s title in the Library tab and double tap on the title with one finger. This will automatically open the Player tab and start playing that title. To stop playing that title, double tap the Close button in the top left hand corner of the Player tab. This will stop playing that title and return to the Library tab.

The Discover tab

The Discover tab allows three searching options:

  • Searching within the Library tab
  • Seraching within the entire Audible catalogue
  • Searching within both the Library and the Catalogue

There is also a featured section and a categories section as well. To add a title to the wishlist, double tap on a title with one finger. This displays the title’s synopsis, hear sample, and add to wish list options. Double tap the Add to wish list button with one finger and that title is added.

App Settings

There are a number of settings. The Settings button is found by double tapping the More tab with one finger. Some of the settings include:

  • Sigining out of an Amazon account
  • Help and Support options
  • Theme setting
  • Content settings, including wi-fi only options, downloading settings
  • Playback settings
  • Control Centre settings
  • Marketplace settings. This allows you to select the Amazon market place to buy titles from

How to purchase Audible titles on iOS

Titles cannot be purchased within the Audible app. However, titles can be purchased through any iOS web browser. Visit the Audible site that represents your selected market place, in my case, the Australian Audible site, which is Search that website for a title. Open that title’s web page, and purchase the title from that page. The title will then appear in the Audible iOS app’s Library upon completion of purchase.

There are two ways to purchase a title. Titles can be purchased outright for their full price, or people can sign up for Audible’s monthly credit program. Audible gives to each account owner one title credit per month, which can be redeemed to receive a discounted title purchase price. The discounted price in the Australian Audible market place is $16.95. This means an Audible title can be purchased for only $16.95 AUD, which is quite a discount compared to outright purchase prices. Credits can be used at any time, and credits accumulate over the months. As an example, I have six credits in my Audible account which I haven’t used yet.

Overall thoughts

This is one of my favourite iOS apps. It works extremely well with Voice Over, and allows me to enjoy my entire Audible purchase library. I love this app, and accordingly, I rate Amazon’s Audible app for iOS five out of five stars.

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