iA Writer – A Fantastic Plain Text Editor

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When I first started using iOS over five years ago, I was looking for a text editor that I could use on my first iOS device, the original iPad 2. I tried using Pages at the time with Voice Over, but at the time I felt that wasn’t a great user experience. So I looked around the iOS App Store, and tried a number of options. Then I found iA Writer.

iA Writer provided then, and still today, provides a minimalist plain text editing experience. The developers believe that removing all the fancy editing options improves productivity, allowing the user to focus completely on their writing.

I started using iA Writer, and I’m still using iA Writer today! It is one of the apps I rely on in order to get most of my productivity done within iOS. I use iA Writer to write everything from meeting notes and minutes to writing complex HTML and CSS code.

A couple of years ago, iA Writer’s developers iA Labs Gmh, released a new version of iA Writer in a new stand alone app. They renamed the orginal app to become iA Writer Classic (Legacy Support edition) and left that app in the iOS App Store. I can still buy that app today if I wish.

I had been still using the iA Writer Classic app despite the new app being released because I was comfortable with how the app worked, and how easily I could access my documents. However, I have decided to move across to the new iA Writer app for several reasons.

What are those reasons?

One of those reasons is that the Classic edition of iOS may disappear sometime in the future, where the developers may stop supporting the Classic edition app and ask all users to move across to the new app.

I also recently discovered that the new app has some great new features, like exporting to PDF and Microsoft Word®.

I also wanted to reorganise my document file structure. The two apps store thier documents in different folders, and I wanted to bring all my iA Writer documents into one folder and create subfolders. iA Writer can store documents in either iApple’s iCloud® or Dropbox®. This should mean no more duplicate folder structures.

iA Writer also provides some swiping options. I can swipe to the right to display the file browser, or I can swipe to the left to display a preview screen. This may be handy for HTML and CSS coding.

iA Writer also has mark-down support as well as mark-up support. I’ve never tried mark-down language yet, but iA Writer gives me the choice to use mark-down if I want to in the future.

Overall thoughts

I really love iA Writer! It is a great plain text editor especially designed to help writers focus on their writing. It has great file management and storage, excellent exporting options, and good basic editing options when needed. Again, this is one of my most used apps in Apple’s® iOS, and that’s why I rated it five out of five stars.

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