My Podcast Player Journey

For several years I have been using the Apple iOS® app Downcast to listen to podcasts on my iPhone. That all changed towards the end of 2016. I was experiencing a number of crashes when using Downcast, and there had been no updates from the developer for some time. It got to the point where Downcast would crash even when I tried to play just one podcast episode. So at the end of 2016 I decided to look at other podcast player options.

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1Password – Fantastic Password Management Solution

Managing login usernames and passwords has become critical over the last five years or so. Password management software has been developed to help create much more secure login credentials without fear of forgetting what those passwords are. There are several password management solutions available. Two fot he most popular options are Last Pass, and 1Password. My choice is 1Password.

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iA Writer – A Fantastic Plain Text Editor

When I first started using iOS over five years ago, I was looking for a text editor that I could use on my first iOS device, the original iPad 2. I tried using Pages at the time with Voice Over, but at the time I felt that wasn’t a great user experience. So I looked around the iOS App Store, and tried a number of options. Then I found iA Writer.

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