Is Apple Doomed? No, not yet!

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Recently Apple advised investors that its estimated earnings for the first quarter of 2019 would be reduced. This prompted several you-tube producers to ask if Apple is doomed. Here’s my opinion on this:

Is Apple doomed? Of course not!!!

I believe that Apple is in the same position Microsoft was about twenty years ago. At that time Microsoft was the number one tech company in the world, with the number one operating system, Microsoft Windows. Several things happened that changed all that. This included the rise of mobile devices such as the iPad, the iPhone, and Android. Microsoft also struggled with several Windows versions, including Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows Vista.

In the course of such events, Microsoft made some major decisions. Microsoft was able to introduce other income streams such as the X-Box, its enterprise software systems, which are amongst the best in the world, and Microsoft Office 365.

As a result, Microsoft is still very much alive today and is in a very healthy position for the long-term future.

I believe Apple is in the same position Microsoft was twenty years ago. I also would be very surprised if Apple’s board wasn’t aware of this. They have probably seen this coming for some time.

Apple has been making some changes over the last few years, introducing new streams of income over the last few years. They include the Apple Watch, new Apple TV models, bigger iPads, and positioning itself as a leader in health technologies through its Health app.

As a result, Apple is placing itself into a position where iPhone sales will no longer be a major part of Apple’s success, and will ensure Apple’s survival long into the future.

So, is Apple doomed? No, not at all! Apple will be around for a long time to come.

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