New iPhones and Apple Watch

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In September Apple released three new iPhones and the Apple Watch series four. The three iPhones are the iPhone 10S, 10S Max, and the 10R.

All phones have better processors, better cameras, and bigger screen areas with smaller bezels. The 10S and the 10S Max have OLED screens and the 10R has an LCD screen.

The Apple Watch four has two new screen sizes: 40 and 44 millimeters. The watch screen is an edge to edge display which gives a bigger screen area. The watch has a new processor and better battery life.

The device I was impressed with the most was the Apple Watch. I felt that all of the iPhones were not compelling enough to purchase considering their price points. I am very happy with the performance of my iPhone 8+ and would wait until at least next year before considering my next phone.

However, I am definitely considering purchasing the Apple Watch 4. I have been really happy with the Apple Watch 2 but would really appreciate the cellular connectivity that the Apple Watch 4 gives. I also believe that apps will run a lot smoother on the Apple Watch 4. I will looking at making this purchase early in the new year.

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